Dream To Achieve has begun a relationship with the nearby community of Germantown, NY. Germantown is located 10 minutes north of Bard- halfway between Bard and Hudson- and is a rural community that struggles with issues of academic inequality.

Germantown Clinic

Germantown Students Work On Their Dribbling In A Clinic Led By Dream To Achieve

Partnering with the Bard Branches tutoring program, Dream To Achieve was able to provide clinic throughout the fall to elementary and middle school students in Germantown. It was exciting to see their passion for the game and how quickly they            improved.

Germantown 2

Bard Coaches Try To Catch A Germantown Student During A Game Of Basketball Tag During The Germantown Health And Wellness Day

On November 14, the Bard men’s basketball team and coaching came to Germantown to lead a clinic for the entire 5th grade. This was done as part of the Germantown School District’s Health and Wellness Day. Over 50 students took part in ball handling and passing drills, and competed in competitive games at the end of the clinic.

Dream To Achieve is excited to continue building its relationship with Germantown and hope to bring a group of students to a Bard home game this winter.


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