Mentoring and Tutoring

Dream To Achieve works in the Hudson and Kingston high schools during the year to help students reach their full academic potential while helping them develop college awareness and readiness skills.

In Hudson, high school students work one-on-one with Bard “mentors” for the duration of the year. Each pair meets one or two times a week. By building a strong personal relationship with a college student, high school students are exposed to the idea of college in a more tangible and attainable away. Throughout the year, all mentors and students take part in College Discovery Days, which are fun and educational trips to Bard’s campus. Community dinners are held throughout the year to keep families engaged in the program. Lastly, each student in the program has access to an after school tutoring center each day at the Hudson High School where they can receive assistance from Bard students.

In Kingston, DTA is proud to begin building a relationship with Kingston High School and the Family of Woodstock’s Student Success Center. Bard mentors┬ácome to the Success Center three times a week to work with students on assignments, assist with the college application process, and discuss what life is like as a college student. Kingston students also take part in each College Discovery Day. Check out pictures from the first one here. We are excited to continue building this partnership.